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In any sales environment sales leads are more valuable ounce for ounce than gold. And in dealing with sales leads the biggest mistake that anyone can make is to assume that the rules of lead follow up and conversion are the same for Internet generated enquires, as those from traditional sources. That is the conclusion that anyone will arrive at when they have read ‘The Pro’s Guide to Converting Internet Leads’, a powerful, free of charge new guide written and published by home improvement Internet expert Barry Dunlop, and sponsored by eBuilders Ltd, owners of www.ConservatoriesOnline.com and other consumer advice sites.

INTERNET SALES LEADSIn this lively and entertaining 35-page booklet, which is available as a download from this site, Barry establishes some clear principles about how leads that arrive by way of the Internet should be tackled. And with many within the home improvement industry stumbling rather than marching forcefully to embrace fully the Internet and its potential, it is also likely that any response generated as a result of such forays will also be treated with a lack of vigour.

The first and most important way of dealing with Internet leads, asserts Barry, is to deal with them NOW! The key to the Internet is immediacy – people that cast their net out into cyberspace are doing so because they have a question to which they want an immediate answer. Accordingly the surfer will be impressed by a fast and thorough response, and conversely dismiss anything else. It is also likely, says Barry, that the enquirer will have used several sites so it is important to develop a distinctive and professional approach that separates you from the rest.

Barry, who was a direct salesman before realising the potential of the Internet as a sales tool and creating one of the first home improvement web sites in the World, considers the Internet entirely from a direct sales point of view. Studiously avoiding geek-talk ‘The Pro’s Guide to Converting Internet Leads’ is a coffee-break read but one that may provide the most wisely invested few minutes it is possible to spend. It deals with the use of third party web sites, auto-responders, the use of email to respond and indeed, the very nature of and psychology behind Internet leads.

Sections include how to make money by using the right words, 10 Tips for selling on the Internet, how to use Google to research the lead and special notes for sales managers. A guide to terminology will also allow a degree of interpretation when dealing with cyberbabble-speaking so-called ‘experts’.

To request a free copy of this Guide – Please Visit the Internet Sales Leads Download Page

You may also contact us by telephone - 01603 879423; or email

If you can't be good - be excellent!

Top tip: Take a lesson from the real world, if you set up a store and spend everything on fixed assets and nothing on advertising, would you expect such a business to succeed? Of course not. So why do so many people pour all their cash into their web site and leave nothing over to promote it, when it should be the other way around.
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Barry Dunlop - Internet Marketing Consultant

Quotatis web design and marketing specialise in web sites for home improvement companies. Our sites are designed to sell and inform.

We offer a wide range of Home Improvement leads which can help you to increase your sales, for more details on Lead Generation please contact us. For information about getting the best out of working leads then please refer to our downloadable guide called ‘The Pro’s Guide to Converting Internet Leads’.

If your business is conservatories, sunrooms, conservatory roof systems, conservatory roof blinds, kitchens, bathrooms, replacement windows, double glazing, vinyl siding, facias, clading, bedrooms, building or any form of home improvement we can help.

Consult us for Internet marketing tips, advice and search engine promotion.

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